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How a Virtual Assistant can make your life easier as a landlord

As a landlord, you typically have this list of tasks on your plate:

  1. Promptly address any issues (safety, structural, etc.) reported by tenants 
  2. Maintain the structural integrity of the property
  3. Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  4. Track capital expenditures and other expenses related to maintaining the rental property
  5. Conduct bi-yearly or yearly inspections of the property 
  6. After tenant leaves, turnover property and prepare for showings
  7. If needed, and hopefully it’s not, conduct eviction process
  8. Create screening criteria to define what a “good tenant” is for your property
  9. Take photos of the property to list for rent
  10. Draft description of property for rental listing
  11. Analyze rent rates in the area
  12. Post rental listing on sites like Zillow, Facebook Marketplace,, etc.
  13. Review applications
  14. Schedule showings for those tenants who you think would be a good fit
  15. Conduct showings for potential tenants
  16. Negotiate pricing and lease options
  17. Create lease for tenants
  18. Send digital or physical copies to tenants for signing
  19. Store signed lease documents (either digitally or physically) 
  20. Collect and store security deposit
  21. Set up rent collection process
  22. Ensure tenants have access to utility companies if tenant is responsible (electric, water, gas, trash, yard care) 
  23. Plus anything else that comes up!

Did you know a virtual assistant can do the heavy lifting for all of these tasks? 

Imagine if you made decisions, and then someone else did the work… 

That’s what a virtual assistant can do for landlords.

Comfortly offers property management software for small independent landlords that includes 24/7 tenant phone support and a virtual assistant.

Try it for free.