Airbnbs and big hotels are laughing at your housekeeping papers

Imagine a day without the drag of administrative tasks (like printing out housekeeping sheets), a day where your focus shifts from mundane paperwork to providing such an incredible guest experience that big hotels and Airbnbs can't match.

Even if you don’t see them yet, we understand the roadblocks of operational inefficiencies that small, independent hotel owners like you face.

After all, we’re small independent hotel owners ourselves.

These inefficiencies aren't just about time lost; they're about opportunities missed in a competitive market. While you're tangled in the web of manual processes, big hotels and Airbnbs are leveraging technology to enhance guest experiences and operations.

Comfortly isn't just another tool; it's your ally in the battle for repeat guests.

By automating the mundane, we free you to focus on what truly matters: personalizing guest experiences in ways that big hotels and Airbnbs can't match.

We equip you with the tools to do housekeeping, maintenance, and more on autopilot.

By combining Comfortly with rezStream for managing reservations, we've given our staff the tools to make sure the guests get what they need when they need it. And we, as owners and managers, have oversight of our business without all of the "paperwork".