Manage your small hotel’s housekeeping, maintenance, and more in one place.

Fully integrated with

Everything related to housekeeping in one place

Rooms automatically appear in order of urgency thanks to our real-time rezStream integration. Housekeepers are given detailed, room-specific task lists and management has instant access to reports. Plus, with its configurable settings, tailor the app to fit your unique housekeeping requirements.

  • Ensure rooms meet the highest standards by conducting inspections within the app
  • Enhance guest satisfaction by incorporating guest preferences into the in-app notes
  • Eliminate the need for easy-to-lose (and wasteful!) paper checklists
  • Track the time taken for each room and immediately know when rooms are done

Manage maintenance & department tasks

Designed to empower your different departments, this tool allows for easy tracking of maintenance tasks, shift responsibilities, and any other projects you want to track. The result? Not just a notable increase in guest satisfaction, but also fewer headaches for management since they can now see what’s being worked on at all times.

  • Create automatic recurring tasks so there’s no chance of forgetting…anything
  • Track progress of all projects so you don’t have to ask “What’s the status of this?”
  • Comment on tasks so important conversations and context are never lost
  • Proactively address potential maintenance issues before they affect guest experience

Simplify staff communications

Perfect for keeping track of daily happenings and ensuring smooth transitions between shifts. The Message Board lets your team ask questions, post updates, and send end-of-shift notes. Plus, a weekly summary is sent to all admins so you'll always have a 360-degree view of your hotel's operations without having to be there all the time. Learn how we use it at our hotel, Berry Springs Lodge.

  • Have one place for all important team communications
  • Streamline the process of reporting and addressing issues in real-time
  • Improve decision-making and accountability across your team
  • Foster a collaborative environment by sharing best practices

Easily reference your employee handbook

The Employee Handbook allows you to have your policies, procedures, and anything else you want in one place. It's designed to help everyone be on the same page with how you want to run your business. Discover how the Employee Handbook transformed the employee experience at Berry Springs Lodge

  • Consolidate all policies, procedures, and guidelines in one easy-to-access location
  • Offer new hires a thorough understanding of company operations
  • Keep your team updated and compliant with the latest company policies
  • Share your mission, values, and history to build a strong sense of community

rezStream Logo Integration

We sync reservation data from rezStream in real-time so that once housekeepers open Comfortly, they know which rooms to clean, what to do in each room, and which ones are high-priority. Your Facilities Manager can also easily see once someone checks out so they can promptly resolve issues in rooms before the next guest checks in.

You don't have to call us for pricing.

Only $7.50 / unit / month

  • Everything you need to manage your housekeeping operations.
  • Customizable checklists that fit your housekeeping process
  • Track time, view reports, and conduct inspections in one place
  • rezStream integration and iOS/Android apps mean no more paper checklists
Maintenance &
Department Tasks
  • Everything you need to manage your other departments’ daily tasks - from maintenance to the front desk.
  • Task and project management by department
  • Automatic recurring tasks (especially helpful for maintenance!)
  • Visibility into what’s being worked on across every department
Secret Weapons
  • Many hotels have found these tools to be “secret weapons” in making sure all the behind-the-scenes work happens in one, easy to manage place.
  • Message Board gives your staff one place to communicate
  • Employee Handbook gives you one place to list all policies, training docs, and more
  • Unlimited Users means you won’t be nickel-and-dimed if your staffing needs grow

What people are saying

We highly recommend It really is the answer to what we needed to make our Housekeeping and Maintenance work- flow more efficient, easier to track and to keep our staff productive and accountable.
Ann - Executive Director Executive Keys Condominiums

Who are we?

That's us. The two on the left. We started a journey of running our own boutique hotel in 2022.

The problem was... we were remote owners.

We immediately felt the pains of not knowing what was going on at our property. Were rooms getting cleaned? How long did it take? Was it being done well? We had no idea.

Luckily, we knew how to build software.

So we built Comfortly. All of our housekeeping, maintenance, point-of-sale, and more run through it every day.