Case Study: Executive Keys Condominiums & Comfortly


Ann Weisenburger has been immersed in the hospitality industry for over fifty years. After college, she recalls, "One day I was having lunch with the owner of the convention center I was working at. She mentioned our competition was for sale. It was a large Holiday Inn Convention Center in the same town. I said, 'You should buy it!' And her reply was 'Only if you will manage it!' That started it all."

Ann is now Executive Director at Executive Keys Condominiums, a seventy-unit resort in Port Aransas, TX. She's been there since 2004 and one of her first initiatives was implementing rezStream, her go-to Property Management System. "We grew up together!", she reflects.


Before Comfortly, managing housekeeping by pen-and-paper and not having one place for maintenance and staff communications added an unnecessary amount of overhead.

"We've tried a few manual systems -- ones we invented to try to help our process. They worked but were so time consuming (mostly my time) and it was time I didn't have which prevented me from doing important things. Don't get me wrong, I still did those important things, but it cost me hours and hours of personal time. Working till late at night to catch up after the housekeeping staff and other staff's day was done..."

The manual systems, although functional, were time-consuming and error-prone, often resembling a "high-stakes game of telephone" where information was distorted. "Biggest drawback was it seemed like I was the only one that could keep the info straight," Ann lamented.


The introduction of Comfortly was a "game-changer" for Executive Keys. Having one tool for housekeeping and maintenance provided a reliable method for organizing day-to-day tasks and notes. Notably, Ann calls out that "the integration with rezStream saves so much time", resulting in a few hours every week she's able to cut out in administrative processes.

One housekeeping feature that Ann and Executive Keys have come to love is being able to attach photos to each room or maintenance issue. "The communication that Comfortly provides across departments is so valuable. The simple ability to add a picture really helps when describing an issue or recording an event. Our units are not cookie cutter...each one is completely different. The staff cannot possibly memorize each and every unit! This saves so much time of our supervisor/inspector having to correct linens, furniture placement, etc. The job can be done right the first time based on photos presented."


Executive Keys notes that Comfortly's value has been immense. "More important than just saving money, Comfortly gave us several hours back each week with peace of mind knowing things are more organized and it cut the time in half that it took staff to communicate and resolve issues, which improved morale." Ann remarks.

Plus, they have been able to shave off 10 minutes from check-out cleans with Comfortly, a 15% reduction in time. "Rooms are cleaned, inspected, organized and do NOT require my time to make them so," Ann points out. This newfound efficiency has allowed her to dedicate more time to long-term initiatives rather than getting bogged down in daily operational details.

Maintenance staff have fully embraced the new system, appreciating its clarity and ease of use. She notes, "Maintenance is great! The flow of communication is streamlined, saving time and effort. I also have been able to process and stay more informed with maintenance with Comfortly at my fingertips. Saves time with assignment of work, reviewing tasks created by others and also progress on tasks in play. Saves me a couple of hours each month just in processing billing for work done. And it allows time saved to work on additional projects, improvements, training, planning and management that further enhances the guest experience = increased return and revenues."

Long-Term Vision

Looking forward, Ann is committed to maintaining Executive Keys as a top-tier family-friendly boutique resort. Comfortly fits into this vision by ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and maintenance. Ann asserts, "It is going to help us be more accurate in providing the level of quality product for our guests." She's confident that the combination of rezStream and Comfortly enhance the overall guest experience and contribute to the resort's legacy of creating cherished family memories.

Through her leadership and the adoption of tools like rezStream and Comfortly, Ann continues to guide Executive Keys toward a future where they continue to create unforgettable experiences for every guest.

Ann closes with, "Comfortly, for us, is a precise and professional way of managing housekeeping and maintenance. Which, in my opinion, is the HEART of our business."