How our hotel collects website visitor emails

At Berry Springs Lodge, we spend a lot of time and money on sending NEW traffic to our website. We do this through organic channels (non-paid, like Instagram and TikTok) and paid channels (e.g. ads on Facebook, Google, etc.).

All of this new direct traffic is great because it can translate to direct bookings - the holy grail for reservations. We want very few of those pesky OTAs and their fees.

So, we did a simple test.

We added a banner/pop-up on our website that would appear when someone visited any of our webpages for more than 5 seconds. All the website visitor had to do was enter their email and "subscribe" to our newsletter (which we hadn't even launched at the time).

If they went on to book a reservation in the same website session -- great! But if they didn't and we still got their email, that's still great.

Once we have their email, we're able to use "soft touches" through email campaigns (like newsletters) to give them more information about the wonderful experience we have to offer at Berry Springs Lodge.

This is a great way of “capturing” some of the new website traffic you worked so hard for while increasing direct bookings.

We collected almost 200 NEW emails in the first few weeks of doing this, so we'd say it works!