Shift Notes changed how our hotel staff communicates

At Berry Springs Lodge, we (as management) were lacking a way for our staff to easily communicate and summarize what happened on every shift.

And because of that, important information like guest preferences, maintenance issues, and general feedback weren't always communicated. Sometimes there would be notes left on post-it's, but those were often lost and weren't easily analyzed on a regular basis.

So now, one staff member writes a summary of the shift in Comfortly under “Shift Notes” at the end of every shift. They include things like:

  • How many check-ins/departures there were
  • Any guest issues (like broken hot tubs)
  • Even how the guests liked the nightly dessert

Shift Notes does two BIG things for us…and one HUGE thing for us:

  1. They allow the person on the next shift to smoothly transition into whatever is happening at the lodge.
  2. They give us (as management) insight into what's going on. Even when we're not there!
  3. And most importantly, they give us a short weekly summary of all the week's Shift Notes so that we have a 360-degree view of what's happening day-to-day.

Here's what Shift Notes actually look like at Berry Springs Lodge

Here's a week's worth of shift notes

Shift Notes List

Here's the actionable summary that management receives every week

Shift Notes Email

Not using Shift Notes yet? Here's the easiest way to start.

  1. Assign someone on each of your shifts to post the shift note. For us, that's the most senior person on shift.
  2. Give them a quick list of things to cover. For example:
    1. Arrivals/Departures
    2. Guest issues that came up (especially unresolved issues)
    3. Incomplete housekeeping items.
    4. Anything else the next shift might need to know.
  3. Have them start posting on Comfortly. Open the "Message Board" tab in your app and post away. It's free and available on all accounts.