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Different, without exception

Owning a rental property is a treasure, but it deserves better. So we redesigned everything to align with our beliefs. We explain below why we did this.

Hi everyone –

I'm Trae Robrock, the founder of Comfortly.

Rentals are broken.

When did landlords become the enemy? Why are landlords scared of talking with their tenants?

It's mind-boggling.

The one service that literally controls the roof over your head... you hate.

Something is wrong.

Renting a home should be a magical experience. Being the owner of a rental property should be a magical experience.

To live the American dream, you shouldn't need to pay some property manager. Especially when they aren't even encouraged to keep your tenants happy.

How do we fix this?

We have to stop treating rentals like a simple financial arrangement.

It's about people.

It's a partnership. A relationship. A friendship.

A great rental should help both sides reach their goals.

A great rental should never feel painful.

This is exactly our mission at Comfortly.

We are the relationship counselor for rentals. We give both sides the tools to have a successful relationship. Our goal is to help you and your tenants succeed, in whatever that might be.

We want the idea of owning and renting a property to be a truly magical experience.


Trae Robrock