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We give you the tools to be your

own property manager. 

Landlords who manage their properties with Comfortly have less stress and more time.

Never worry about rent

The rent gets paid on-time, every time and delivered straight to your bank account. Even better, you don't pay transaction fees and neither does your tenant.

Choose the right tenants

The right tenant makes all the difference. With the tools the pros use to attract and screen tenants you can pick the best of the best. With online listings, applications, and digital lease signing, we streamline every part of the process.

Stay organized

No more jumping between texts and emails wondering where that message went. All your communications with your tenant are done here. Store important documents. Download your financial data. All in one place.

Market your rentals

Avoid costly vacancies by creating custom listings powered by AI. With our free rental reports you can pick the right price for your market every time.

Here's how Comfortly gives you oversight without the overhead.

Property Screenshot

Easy property management

  • Receive payments in your bank account without any fees. Uses auto-pay to ensure you get paid.
  • Screen tenants with online applications, credit score checks, and more.
  • Create and sign leases all from within the app.
  • Track and communicate with tenants and your team about maintenance requests.

Our pricing is simple. $9/mo.

You'll get premium property management software and world-class customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get charged for using Comfortly?

You only pay after your tenants pay rent. There's no up-front cost, and there's a money-back guarantee if you and your tenants don't love it.

How much does it cost to get started?

There's no up-front cost and it costs $0 to get started. We only get paid after your tenants pay rent.

"We spent so much time interviewing property managers that we became convinced of what you already managers didn’t care that much about our properties.

Their business model incentivized our tenants to turn over which cost us time and money, and slowed us down from growing our portfolio and increasing our wealth.

I was convinced we could do it better. And with Comfortly, we did."


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Trae Robrock

Founder, Comfortly

Is Comfortly for you?

It's built for landlords who...

  • Know that no one will care as much about their investment as they do and have tried, or considered trying, a property management company.
  • Look at their rentals as running a business and want to continue to grow their portfolio and wealth.
  • Believe an essential part in growing their real estate portfolio is by offering a superior tenant experience so they can: charge higher prices, create high-demand waitlists for their units, and retain high-quality tenants longer.
  • Want to have oversight on the end-to-end management of their portfolio -- everything from tenant screening, maintenance requests, bookkeeping, rent collection, and more.
  • Want peace of mind knowing they can manage their properties from anywhere.