Replying to negative reviews is hard

As fellow hotel owners, we don't always agree with guest reviews.

When Trae and I purchased Berry Springs Lodge, some long-time patrons were harsh in their reviews merely because the previous owners weren't there anymore - even though the staff, amenities, decor, food, and more were the same!

Needless to say, sometimes guests can have a perfect stay, but still rate you a 7/10.

And sometimes they didn't have a perfect stay, but it was because of something completely outside of your control…

...then they leave reviews that hurt your business and reputation. And even though it's tough to admit, sometimes those ungrounded negative reviews even hurt your feelings! Yes, we're in this business to make money, obviously, but to also provide a great experience for our guests and employees. So it's natural to occasionally take things personally.

You want to reply and show them how they're wrong…but that often does more harm than good. And you know that.

We realized the perfect response is one that:

  1. Thanks the guest for their feedback
  2. Shows how we are improving (if it's relevant) to encourage them to come back
  3. Gives the next potential guest who's reading that review the confidence that they won't have the same issue the next time they visit

#3 is arguably the most important. Most people reading your reviews are potential new guests who want the social proof that they'll have a great experience!

Since replying to these negative reviews (and all reviews) is important, we'll help you craft the perfect reply to those pesky reviews for free in 15 minutes or less. Just send us the review here: